Seals are a requirement for almost all areas of industry. The market makes ever increasing demands on technical products. This need for higher levels of performance generally places enormous pressure on the sealing solutions. Standard seals from out of a catalogue, which are often made from rubber based products, are increasingly unable to deal with these new demands. With our high performance polymers, our many years of experience and a finely polished production technique, we constantly push back the boundaries of what is possible.

We find, amongst others, solutions for:

  • Dry running
  • High and low extremes of temperature
  • High pressure
  • Use with foodstuffs or pharmaceuticals
  • Seals for use with solvents, paints and adhesives
  • Contact with acids or lyes
  • Applications for bulk materials
  • Custom sizes or a specified installation space
  • Small quantities
  • Unacceptable leakage
  • Premature wear and tear